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We believes that your home is about you – your priorities, your service. We strive to offer truly tailored house cleaning services Dubai residents that provide you with real choice and control over the services you receive so that you can achieve the best home environment that fits your family with the added experience you care for your guests. Our maids and cleaning teams are proficient in all house cleaning services and residential requirements including but not limited to quick cleaning; deep cleaning; laundry and ironing of clothes and linens; as well as, kitchen assistance and party help.

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To facilitate consistency in service delivery for your continuous satisfaction, we only schedule bookings of minimum 3 hours for a Quick/Regular Cleaning service depending on the size of your home in Dubai and the package you want from home cleaning services in Dubai. Additional tasks usually prolong the service duration, to gain more insight on the subject you may refer to our Standard Regular Cleaning Checklist which is available for example purposes only.

Al Ghaimah al Thahabeya Dubai FAQ

Cleaning up the carpets, cleaning the windows, wiping dust-holding surfaces, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the furniture that you use on a regular basis and changing bed sheets are all included in home cleaning Dubai!

You do not have to worry about our cleaning professionals as we will take care of it for you. Depending on the size of your house and how long it would take to clean everything, it can vary from one professional to a team. We will make sure to optimize the professional number according to your needs.

The time it takes to clean a house thoroughly depends entirely on your preferences and the size of your home. Usually, it does not take more than 2-3 hours. We can’t tell for sure, but plan something to do beforehand for your free time!

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

In order to promote a completely safe and healthy environment whereby all allergens and bacteria are kept at bay, we also encourage you to implement deeper than regular mere skin-deep indoor hygiene practices at least once every 6 months.

Service Areas

Al Ghaimah al Thahabeya has with us a host of services that you can avail of for your various cleaning requirements in Dubai.

House Cleaning

If you are looking for the best house cleaning services congratulations! You have finally landed in the right place.

Office Cleaning

Welcome to the place where you can find the ultimate solution for your office cleaning needs in Dubai.

Move In & Out Cleaning

Moving in and out of Dubai is always a tedious task, whether you're organising all your belongings while moving out of a house or moving in.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes you need more than a normal cleaning for your home to protect it from hidden germs, and it can be achieved with deep cleaning services.

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